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Male & Paramedical

Overcome self-consciousness due to hair or pigment loss, scars or Alopecia. Paramedical Micropigmentation can help restore features lost or damaged through accident or illness. Clever and artistic placement of colour or hair strokes can disguise and camouflage these issues, restoring confidence and self-esteem.

Popular Male Procedures

Scar Camouflage / Hair Simulation

The past decade has seen the metrosexual male realising the importance of gooming and the benefits that come from taking care of his appearance. Men are increasingly choosing micro-pigmentation procedures to both correct and camouflage scars, missing hair in the eyebrows, hairline and facial beard area, as well as a surgery free way of improving overall appearance.

Paramedical Procedures

Micro Hair Simulation

An innovative procedure whereby tiny hairs are realistically simulated, creating the effect of natural looking hair. Often used to treat Alopecia, it is also used to restore the brows and lash-lines of people undergoing chemotherapy*. This procedure can also be used to conceal and camouflage scars since it replicates missing patches of hair in the eyebrows, scalp (and the beard in men).


*NOTE – Lashline and brow simulation is best done before the commencemnt of the chemotherapy in order that the aesthetician can follow your natural brow shape which may not be evident once the hair has been lost.

Vitiligo Re-Pigmentation

Most often occurring on the face, hands and feet, Vitiligo can cause distress and embarrassment. Providing that the Vitiligo area is not overly large and has been in remission for at least 1 year, custom blended pigments are skillfully placed into the de-pigmented skin to provide camouflage and making it less noticeable.

Scar & burn Camouflage

Paramedical tattoo can be used to help camouflage small to medium sized scars and burns on the face and body, providing that the scar is light in colour, mature (at least 6 months old) and is not overly large. Custom-blended pigments are skillfully applied to the scar area to blend in with the surrounding skin, helping to make the scars less noticeable.

Though a scar represents a hurt over, a wound healed and done with, there is no need to carry it for life! Don’t suffer embarrassment, diminished self-esteem or being anything less than your former self. Help is at hand to help you achieve a full recovery of body and soul…